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Baseball Paradise Company Services 

One-on-One Instruction (Hitting, Fielding, Throwing): Half Hour and Hour sessions available
From Professional Athletes and College Coaches. Instruction includes Drills, Analysis, Mental Tips, Training, and Video Analysis. We get your player the perfect repetitions to build strong fundamentals and the proper mechanics to become 

Hitting Repetition                
Design for numerous live batting practice and tee reps. Allow for the players to get high quality reps with the ability to work on multiple abilities. For example, hitting to certain parts of the field, off-speed pitch recognition/hitting, faster pitching, etc. During these sessions players received over 300 reps ever 30 min session and over 600 reps every hour. 

Multiple sessions are available for more savings (10 and 20 sessions)

Create a Scouting Video (Pricing may vary)
Make a video that will allow scouts and recruiters to discover your player’s abilities. We will highlight all of your sons attributes in a video geared to capture the scouts attention  and document all that you will offer to their program. This is a great way to get your player’s abilities in front of coaches and pursue a scholarship or professional career. 

College Recruiter     
We create a personalized recruiting strategy for your player. We evaluate your stats and grades and we match you up with schools that are the best fits for you. We connect you  with college coaches and provide them all of your information, so that they can follow  you and pursue you for a college scholarship. We provide your player and family with constant guidance on the baseball recruiting process. This package will include videos and social media marketing for your player. 

Pitching Instruction from Former Major League Pitchers: Half hour and hour session available
Pitching instruction consists of drills, analysis, mental approach, position specific  strengthening drills, and mechanic adjustments if necessary. Video Analysis and Guidance is available as well. 

The Guarantee!!! We guarantee that we will setup your player up with colleges that are  interested in having your player join their team. If we cannot provide this service for you, we will refund your money by 50%.