Our Success

All of our players have been scouted, made a national team, or made an all-tournament team before their sophomore year of high school. Where else does this happen???
Last year, 2016, the first player Coach Matt Lynch ever worked with was drafted in the 9th round by the New York Yankees. Many More to come!



Our Staff

Our entire coaching staff consists of Former Professional Athletes, Four MLB Scouts, and College and High School Coaches.

80 for 80

80 for 80. Out of the 80 players that have come through our program and have gone to high school, 100 % of them have made their high school team. 39% made their varsity team as a freshman. More to come with the teams we have entering high school this fall!

           To our Baseball Paradise Family, I am thrilled to share with you the best travel baseball program in the country. This tremendous foundation has been built over time by professional athletes, scouts, and coaches, in order for our players to reach their goals and dreams.

            As in any family, you do everything you can to make sure that you have provided  the best things for them. It is no different with OUR PROGRAM. We offer what NO OTHER BASEBALL PROGRAM DOES!! We provide the best baseball environment for our players in order for them to develop into great young individuals with a strong work ethic. Our coaching staff consists of great teachers of the game and all have had success either as a professional, scout, or at the coaching level. We take politics and “daddy ball” out of travel baseball in order to help every child achieve their full potential in a positive environment. With our vast knowledge and guidance from our coaching staff, we have the ability to develop our players mentally and physically to prepare them to reach that next level. When that time comes, our staff uses our abundant contacts at the higher levels to help your son further pursue his baseball career.

            Our goal for each player is always pointed toward their future. We play to win every game, but we will not sacrifice the growth of our team and your child to win at all costs. Our mission is to prepare these players and give them the tools to succeed at the high school level and beyond. The earlier we can teach them baseball mentality, work ethic, and fundamentals of the game, the more routine these building blocks of success will take shape in your child. These qualities will spill over to their school work, chores, and overall character as a great individual.            Baseball Paradise is committed to enriching baseball in your community. We look forward to having you join our baseball family as we help your child down the path to success. See below for our program’s entire layout. Contact us with questions, workout dates, and information on joining our baseball family. This is baseball the way it should be!

Our Program is Currently Being Implemented in these Programs:

Palm Beach Select 2020 15U, Recently Finished in the Top Four of the Under Armour Firecracker 15U Tournament.

Palm Beach Select 2021 14U, Recently finished in the Top Four of the Under Armour Firecracker 15U and younger tournament.

Palm Beach Select 2022 13U, Recently Finished Second in the Perfect Game Palm Beach Classic Tournament at the Ball Park of the Palm Beaches.

Also being implemented in youth recreational programs and young travel teams. Our Commitment is to change the way Travel Baseball is and turn it into how it should be. Teaching the tools and knowledge to our baseball community and giving them the answers to the tests in order to have success at the next level and beyond! 

Our Program

Our program has been engineered through the teachings and desires of college and MLB scouts. They have shared with us their thoughts on what they are looking for and how they believe baseball should be coached and we have used those ideas to better prepare our players to achieve their dreams. 

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